As entrepreneurs we have experienced ourselves that it often is a struggle to find the right kind of smart and understanding investors to support the growth of your innovative business. It was one of the common reasons why we have joined forces to become investors and help other entrepreneurs to flourish as social impact entrepreneur.

We dare to say that we do understand the growth vision and target markets of most social impact driven enterprises. We do understand why it is important to focus on talent management and operational excellence, invest in brand building and how to leapfrog global business development, thus resulting in making deals that accelerate your revenue and market position within months instead of years. We do so, because helping others succeed and do better is what drives us. Mainly because together we can make our world a bit better…

We have a special interest in social enterprises with driven entrepreneurs that provide solutions for:

• Food & agri protection
• Personal care protection
• Fire protection
• Crops & plant protection
• Animal protection
• Marine life protection
• Human health protection
• Cyber crime protection
• Human safety protection.

We believe that these focus areas will have a direct and longterm impact on the wellbeing of People and Planet. We also believe that from an investment point of view we can achieve a triple return on investment:
1. Maximized social impact
2. Optimised financial results
3. Satisfied people and stakeholders.

From a financial point of view we have experienced that the social impact enterprises that we support have less risks, achieve year-on-year growth rates above 40% with higher returns and 10%-25% higher profits. This often allows them to invest even more money and effort in innovation, growth acceleration and brand building, which supports the further growth of their social impact driven organisation. In the end those are essential ingredients to grow from a small enterprise into a global market leading enterprise that makes our world a bit better!

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