As hands-on investor turned entrepreneurs, at 8P Capital we are specialised in supporting the global growth of disruptive scale-ups that can create social impact in area’s such as: health (for humans and animals), food & agri, clean environment, clean energy, clean water, smart technologies and smart software.

The reasons why we support these driven social enterprises, is because often they:
• Create a better world
• Create a safer world
• Create a smarter world
• Create a healthier world.

Besides helping them with sufficient growth capital, resources, talent, tools and contacts, we help them to optimise their:
• Personal growth & health
• Team building
• Vision
• Ambition
• Growth focus
• Social impact
• USP’s
• Operational excellence
• Global business development.

We do this to make sure these social enterprises will be able to maximize their global social impact, will remain future proof and can become a successful market leader within its target markets.

As we have been helping scale-ups for over fifteen years, we have structured our skills, knowledge and lessons learned in various growth programs that provide guidance, support and inspiration for the management teams that we partner with.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us as we are happy to discuss how we can help you succeed as well.

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